About Rod Love


I’ll be delivering a regular blog on the political week that was, with an emphasis on translating the jargon and spin and self-serving blather into what really happened.  And no mercy for those in the political arena who promote the absurd with a straight face.

And, throughout the week, quick hits when the fancy strikes.

Some time ago, Rod Love was a political science student at university by day and Keg waiter by night, when he ran into a young chubby TV reporter running for Mayor of Calgary … named Ralph Klein.

To the astonishment of both of them, as well as many in the City of Calgary and most of the solar system, Ralph won.

Ralph was 37, Rod was 26, and they had the keys to the fastest growing City in North America.

That led to one of the wildest rides in Canadian political history with Ralph moving from Mayor of Calgary, to Alberta Minister of the Environment, and finally Premier of Alberta, with Rod Love serving as his Chief of Staff, hatchet man and babysitter at every stop along the way.

“Dull” is not an adjective used by objective observers to describe this period in Alberta history.

After those 20 years in government, Rod found himself bored, and broke.  (Nobody gets rich in government, unless bad things are happening).

He decided to hang out his shingle to see if the lessons he learned along the way in the public sector would be of any use to the private sector.

So, he started a consulting practice called, by an incredible coincidence, Rod Love Consulting.  To this day, he specializes in strategic planning, government relations and strategic communications.

He hoped to last five years.  It’s fourteen years and counting.

Rod Love is also a frequent political commentator on national and local television and radio, as well as penning the occasional political newspaper column.

He lives by a few simple credos:

  • Kids are proof that life is funny, but no joke;
  • If governments made sense, I’d be on the bread line;
  • If it’s in the yellow pages, governments shouldn’t try to do it;
  • If it’s stupid, but it works, it isn’t stupid;
  • And of course, If you think you’ve big problems, take a stroll through the Alberta Childen’s Hospital.

Rod Love lives in Calgary with his wife Charlene.  They have three children scattered across North America.

And Molly, the Westie.


Rod Love Consulting Inc. of Calgary, Alberta, Canada was incorporated by Rod Love in February of 1998 following an eighteen year career in public service at the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government.

Mr. Love began his career in government when he was appointed Executive Assistant to Mayor Ralph Klein following Mr. Klein’s election as Calgary’s 32nd Mayor on October 15, 1980.

During his nine years at Calgary City Hall, Mr. Love sat as the Mayor’s representative on the Board of Commissioners, an appointment which gave him a unique perspective on all aspects of municipal governance, including municipal law, finance, planning and development, urban transportation, environmental affairs and community relations.  Mr. Love was directly involved in the planning and hosting of the 1988 Olympic Winter Games, and was subsequently appointed to the Board of Directors of the Calgary Winter Festival.

In 1989, following Mr. Klein’s election to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and appointment as Minister of Environment, Mr. Love assumed the duties of Executive Assistant to the Minister.  It was during this period that Mr. Klein guided the re-writing and consolidation of all environmental law in Alberta, resulting in the landmark Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act.

Upon Mr. Klein’s swearing-in as Alberta’s 15th Premier in December of 1992, Mr. Love was appointed Chief of Staff to the Premier, a position he held until leaving government to start RLC Inc. in February of 1998.

As Chief of Staff, Mr. Love was involved in all aspects of the restructuring and refocusing of the Government of Alberta that led to the elimination of the deficit, the rapid elimination of Alberta’s debt, the highest credit rating and the lowest personal and corporate income taxes in Canada, following which he founded Rod Love Consulting.

Mr. Love returned to the Office of the Premier as Chief of Staff for a nine month period following the November 2004 provincial general election to lead a significant re-engineering of the Government of Alberta’s organization, communications and strategic planning processes.

Drawing on his 19 year career in public service, and a decade-plus in the private sector, Rod Love Consulting Inc. is a national practice that specializes in strategic planning, political and intergovernmental analysis, issues management, effective strategic communications planning and media management.

Rod Love Consulting Inc. enjoys a number of strategic alliances with related firms, and maintains extensive contacts with individuals in governments, businesses and news organizations across the country.

Mr. Love attended Mount Royal College, the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary where he majored in Political Science.  He is a graduate of the Banff School of Advanced Management, and studied “History, Politics & Society” at Exeter College, Oxford, England.

He has been a Member of the Board of Governors of the University of Calgary, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Canada West Foundation.  He is also the recipient of the Canadian Governor General’s medal for Outstanding Community Service, awarded on the 125th anniversary of Confederation, and the recipient of the Alberta Centennial Medallion in recognition of his public service contributions to Albertans.

Mr. Love and his wife Charlene live in Calgary, Alberta.  They have three children.