I have been a little distracted lately, and here is why.

A not so funny thing came up at last month’s routine physical.

A tumor has appeared in my upper body.

Now more than ever.

Now more than ever.


What really drives the Liberals around the bend is  when they see the Harper Conservatives smoothly blend international affairs with domestic politics

Foreign Affairs Indeed

It is one thing for my good friend Globe and Mail columnist Jeffrey Simpson to forget, say, his car keys, but it is quite another thing for him to forget an entire decade and a half. I am certain that he covered federal politics from the years 1993 to 2006,  yet to read his recent column wherein he referred to […]

Wisdom of the mail room

The Wisdom of the Mail Room

“Why me?’, said the Senior Comptroller, as he was told he would be making the fiscal overview  to the Board of Directors. “Because,” said his boss, “As the Senior Comptroller, you are responsible for the quality of accounting and financial reporting of this organization.” “You are apolitical, you were not part of any of the decision-making that has brought us […]

Christmas reading 2013

Christmas Reading List 2013

I offer herewith my Annual Christmas Reading List, required reading for the holidays which will be followed by a quiz in January. Just some books that caught my eye in the past twelve months or so, heavily skewed to politics and biography of course, because a) fiction is a pointless waste of time, and b) cookbooks are boring. As a […]

Spoken words disappear, emails don't

The emails that ate Ottawa

How can smart people be so dumb sometimes? I don’t know the ins and outs of the Mike Duffy Senate spending mess, because firstly, there are a lot of moving parts, and secondly, I live in Calgary otherwise known as the ‘real world’, and all the players in the Duffy Senate mess live in Ottawa, otherwise known as ‘having no […]

Closing Alberta’s private MRI clinics would shove an estimated 10,000 private procedures a year back into an already strained public system

Don’t ban private MRI clinics in Alberta

When is a non-issue really an issue?   Usually when mixed messages make it difficult to decipher what is really going on.   Case in point: the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons — the doctors’ governing body — has recently announced it is seeking public input on revised standards regarding the charging of fees for uninsured medical services, potentially […]